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Need a video-first cloud conferencing service? Forget Face-Time.  Ditch your old video conferencing services. ZIMZIM brings your team together.  Made to disrupt.  ZIMZIM "Together Digital Economy" lets you connect and share events simultaneously - with military grade security and privacy.

Connecting head office in real-time with branches allows being together with a simple click. Host events, webinars, and training sessions.  Manage diversity with a click.  Share the moments together. 

Need help connecting to mainland China?  Watch FOX 8 NEWS. Is coronavirus interrupting your business? Meet us online.  We know how to build real-time communications with both Pure HTML5 and or Native WebRTC Video Conferencing and Webcasting Services.

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Together, we help you build disruption. ZIMZIM Digital Media Rooms with group video conferencing and multi-cast interactive live stream feed on iCDN Cloud, brings your participants together.


REMOTE WORK starts with video-first. THE FUTURE IS HERE.

NETSTAIRS – Pioneered Video-First Remote Work.


Wanna learn about a use-case?  Read NETSTAIRS & Channel Partners’ story. 

Back in 2010, we pioneered an experiment that had never been done. As a Video Internet Service Provider (Video ISP), we decided to close our 10,000 Sq. Ft. Fort Lauderdale, Florida data center and move everything to cloud. Moreover, we downsized our offices in Europe and Asia. It took us nearly 3 years to migrate fully into multi-layers of cloud services. 

Back in old days, cloud services were brand new. Cloud came with many shades of grey. Things were not working.  In fact, we had to resort to many service providers during the period. But we were determined.  We became the catalyst taking on a task on what had to be done. Result; we end up liberating our team and moved operation into remote work while reducing operational cost and increase our bottom line. We started first with our HEXA2 Virtual Town Hall.  We then innovated Real-Time Video Communications via the use of HTML5 and WebRTC. In 2016, we introduced Click-To-Video.  Followed by introduction of next generation PIXEL by NETSTAIRS in 2018, today we are launching ZIMZIM, Made for 5G. 

10 years later, our team is now spread across 4 continents yet works face-to-face every day. Some of our team members live in a small village, and some reside in big cities, but wherever they are, it’s where they thrive. If they decide to move, they take their career with them. Everyone in our team enjoys the enormous benefits a flexible and virtual work policy we bring, and we truly pioneered it back in 2008 where no one had even heard of “Remote Work”. We believe that the future of work will gravitate in this direction. As NASA predicted that by 2025, 80% of human population will be on some form or “TELE”. We choose to work from the locations where we can live a fulfilling work-life-balance. We now operate virtually anywhere, anytime, & anyplace.