ZIMZIM 2 GO! THE GET TOGETHER video conference

Desktop & 4 Mobility

Need a video conference cloud service? Forget Face-Time.  Ditch your old video conferencing services. ZIMZIM brings your team together.  Made to disrupt.  ZIMZIM "Together Digital Economy" lets you connect and share the events simultaneously - with military grade security and privacy.

Connecting HQ in real-time with branches allows being together with a simple click. Host events, webinars, and training sessions.  Manage diversity with a click.  Share the moments together. 

When you plan to connect your office to mainland China, speak with us.  We know how to build your real-time communications with both Pure HTML5 and or Native WebRTC Video Conferencing and Webcasting Services.

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Together, we help you build disruption. ZIMZIM Digital Media Rooms with group video conferencing and multi-cast interactive live stream feed on iCDN Cloud, brings your participants together.